The 50 Dumbest Quotes in Sports History. Surprisingly most are said by athletes. 
Epic Gorilla Prank
There's a lot to be said about doing yoga. There's even more to be said about Jordan Carver doing yoga!
Meanwhile in Atlantic City
The Seventeen Awesomest Things Men Are Grateful For

Is that a young Fox 29 Joyce Evans getting all street?
It's a photograph that has now become an iconic image of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Now add the internet and see what happens
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The 20 Hottest Former Disney Stars
Girls just wanna have fun, bucks just wanna...

You can only cover Bon Jovi tunes just so many times!
A collection of perfectly timed sports photos
The greatest door to door salesman EVER!
The 30 Most Disturbing Twilight Products
If you can't figure out why stealing a security camera is dumb, this will explain it.

The 10 best psychotic facial expressions from police officers at Occupy protests. 
If youíre a single woman that reads this site, we just found the perfect man for you. All of you.
The Five Most Ridiculous History Lessons From "The Immortals"
Remember the film "Idiocracy"? I now believe that is our future.
21 Reasons You Should Never Take Pictures With An iPad

The evolution of cheerleaders
2 Blondes, 1 Camera...Who ya got?
Baby Arthur recreates scenes from famous movies
Mike Tyson is Herman Cain
Crazy Drunk Girl Bathroom Antics

Redneck Long Jump. This is so stupid even rednecks think its stupid!
Misheard lyrics hit a whole new low
Most pandas are cute...this one's an a-hole
Astronauts on the Moon vs. Gravity. Who you got...hey wait a minute?
10 Really Inappropriate Coloring Books That Actually Exist

Ninja squirrel or stoners? You make the call.
2011 Veteranís Day Free Meals and Discounts
With all the sitcoms and monologues on TV last week, the funniest moment may have happened on Jeopardy
Gentlemen, Berenice Marlohe is your new Bond girl.
He's loud, he's crazy, but he ha

46 Hot Women give you 46 Random Facts 
A Danish TV Show That Hits A New Low
Animals In Places They Shouldn't Be.
A Guy With Butch Knife Nunchucks...BUTCHER KNIFE NUNCHUCKS!
Bad Dog

Occasionally a TV anchor can cover up video mistakes.
Always fun at your Halloween party...Costume Bingo
Nope...Chuck Testa. Break it down y'all.
Steve Jobs is Watching You...the website.
Nothing like a good cutting edge Halloween news story.

Dumbass With Crown Of Candles vs. Flour...WHO YA GOT!?!?
6 Classic Songs That Were Supposed To Be Jokes.
Isn't it time for Hollywood to come up with a different telephone prefix?
Just what you've always wanted...Have a porn star moan your ip address.
8 Crazy "DON'T TURN AROUND" Moments


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