An absolutely glorious supercut of the funniest YouTube clips that are fifteen seconds or less.
A Gallery Of White People Acting Extremely White
Russian Dash Cam Video. I you don't like car crashes and getting into street fights, then I wouldn't move there.
Before June ends....A Photographic Tribute to Drunk Brides
The Pre-Mortem One-Liner Supercut

The 50 Most WTF Prom Pictures Ever
Chuck Norris is Chuck Norris in Chuck Norris: The Movie. Starring Chuck Norris
The Thirteen Dumbest Quotes By Celebrities Trying To Sound Intelligent
During a rain delay at a Charleston Riverdogs game, Bill Murray played slip and slide all over the field.
Jay-Z And Beyonce Worry About Kanye West:
The Website

Shin Kicking Championship. REALLY???
25 Photos That Prove America Still Rules
Mister Rogers Has Finally Been Auto-Tuned . . . and It Was Done by PBS
Why would anybody want these?
Never rob a convenience store that sells BEAR SPRAY!

Christina Hendricks Big Boob Bounce
12 Most Extreme Cases of Tanorexia
Mama said if you play with fire you're gonna get burned.
Fifty Of The World's Most Creative Bongs
Girl vs. Automatic Door. Who Ya Got?

Let's learn Korean...but maybe order a Pepsi
No hamsters were hurt in the making of this film.
An 18-Year-Old High School Student Won a $400 Bet With Four Friends by Being the First to Make Out With Their History Teacher
When they told you to "Use Condoms" they didn't mean as a musical instrument.
There's a new video online of a second-rate journalist in Romania reporting on a sandstorm. Apparently he and his camera crew were late getting on location, so they tried to RECREATE the sandstorm.

This video is here just to piss off Intern Dave
Rolling Stone came up with this list of the Best Beards in Rock...Agree or Disagree?
Someone Buried a Fake Treasure Chest at Venice Beach . . . Then Waited Until the Beach Got Crowded and Dug It Up
Fire truck!!!
Sir David Attenborough narrates the shoe humping tortoise video

A three-year-old sleeping in the backseat of a car. Then his parents put on the Nirvana song "Breed" . . . and he wakes himself up playing AIR DRUMS.
5 Cherished Family Sitcoms With Scenes That Censors Found Too Shocking For TV
A Drunk Girl Fall Through an Awning Right After She Explains That It's Definitely Strong Enough to Hold Her
People Being Blasted in the Face By Wind.
A Reporter Was Caught on Camera with Her Skirt Pulled Up . . . Holding a Strange Object Between Her Thighs

In case you didn't see Conan & David Letterman trash Leno...well here it is. 
Strange Moments in Cheetos History
Some High School teachers pranked their students by interviewing them on camera, and asking them to reflect on the school year . . . then danced like idiots in the background.
Coloring Pages For Adults
Best Wake-Up Prank EVER


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