Bikini Fails 2012 
The 20 Funniest Lazy People Products Ever Invented
Two guys in Times Square got into a fight with a pair of crutches...but what if they were light sabers?
(Lots of "s" & "f" bombs)
The Greatest Local News Interviewee Descriptions
Family Feud - The Worst Answers in Feud History

Finally! Bad Lip Reading has taken on Twilight
How many time do we have to tell folks its the WORLD WIDE WEB. Don't post your crimes on the internet!
Well that pass makes him the Head Referee
People Who Look Horrified By Guy Fieri
Swift Russian Justice

Try this Nik Wallenda! 
More Hilarious Mug Shots
A Reporter Was Covering a Hit-and-Run Didn't Notice the Car Responsible Driving by in the Background
Little Mitt Face
That's One Tiny Bike...Can You Ride It?

What if "Finding Nemo" had the plot line of "Taken"?
Some of the kids you'll meet at your new school
What if fragrance commercials didn't whisper?
Some really bad tattoo choices
Relax and spend some a moment with Sleepy Time Bridge

Everything he does, he does for Emily. I bet she was ripping off her clothes as she was watching this!
Everything he does, he does in MATCH HEADS
A Rally Car Went Over a Cliff, Flipped a Dozen Times . . . and Somehow No One Died
24 NFL Preseason WAGs To Watch
Freeway Sign Blows Loose. Is there any way you would've driven under that thing.

Shark vs. Octopus...Who Ya Got?
Take a Roomba robotic vacuum, add a weapon...
It's a DOOMBA!
Shaun Sperling read from the Torah for his Bar Mitzvah and then chose to signify the religious celebration of him becoming a man by singing & performing Vogue by Madonna. The fact that it's 1992 doesn't save him!
The Worst Celebrity Hair Cuts of All Time
A fool and his bike are soon parted.

There is something worst than Hillary Clinton dancing in South Africa
The Funniest Internet Reactions to Curiosity Landing on Mars
For those going through Olympic withdrawal:
'Hot Girls Emerging From Pools and Beaches'
The 50 Dirtiest News Headlines Ever
The Most WTF Security Footage Ever

Now that the Olympics are is all of the stuff no one ever said.
She's Sweeping The Internet! American gymnast, silver medalist, and mean face maker McKayla Maroney is not impressed. With anything.
First time at the water park?
9 Normal Things That Look Trippy Under A Microscope
Conan has come up with the perfect counter programming to Shark Week


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