Merry Christmas A/K/A The Norris Split
Even at Christmas...Grammar Matters
2013: A Year of beautiful Highs & Devastating Lows. We dare you to keep your eyes dry.
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This just never gets old
Merry Christmas Exclamation Point
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Phone Crashing at the Airport
21 Merrily Inappropriate Christmas Decorations
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Santa Dark 30
The 25 Craziest Things That Happened in Florida in 2013
Why does this happen?
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Never Rob an Ex-MMA Fighter's Store
Well if bald quarterbacks made you uncomfortable, athletes in makeup will really freak you out!
A whole weeks worth of stupids
The Classic Steve Buscemi GIF Gallery
Angels We Have Heard on High
(Christmas w/ 32 fingers and 8 thumbs)
Posters For 'Star Wars VII' In The Style Of Other Famous Movies

The Week in Fails
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OMG...A talking boat!
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Taking the power of hair away from Quaterbacks
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Hot Girls Making Ugly Faces

Pop Goes The Sperm Whale
Inspiration for the first snow fall
Your November News Boobs
The 25 Least Influential People Of 2013
In Russia, even the roads are getting into the act!
Now you can smell bacon fresh all day long
Just Bear With It
Background Actors Who Have No Idea What They Are Doing
Judging the water height is beyond his depth
(See what we did there)
The Funniest Celebrity Memes Ever

Kristen Stewart explains Thanksgiving
The best Facebook page, according to your terribly gullible aunt.
The World's First 360 Barrel Roll Truck
Giant units seen from Google Earth
The Porta-Potty Prank, gross yet funny
Nothing good or productive has ever come out of the YouTube comment section. Until now.
The 6 Most Shameless Gimmicks Done By Funeral Homes
Guy Fieri: Meatball Grubbin'
The 50 Best Double Take Photos
A Japanese woman ties meat to herself and runs from a Komodo dragon...take that Russia

It's like a Chaplin movie
Getting Even
The Inevitable Rob Ford/Chris Farley Mashup Video
When Photoshop goes horribly RIGHT!
The Week in FAIL!
Fireworks are very different in Scotland
Ladies and Gentleman Mr. Incredibeard
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20 More People Wearing T-Shirts They Shouldn't Be Wearing
We have now introduced you to Logan Paul, our work is done.

Happy Birthday To You, Your Face Is On Fire
Racial Role Reversals
Drunk guy can't find his keys, so he uses his head.
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The Week in FAIL!
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