Secret Codes in Price Tags

Target: Any sale item with a price ending in "4" is considered the final markdown and will not go down further in price. Clearance stickers have a small number on the top left corner whick represents the percentage off. It starts at 10, then goes to 15, 30, 50, 75 and the lowest it gets is 90, then it goes back to the manufacturer. Items are thrown away it they are perishable, but it gets noted for the distributor. Clearance prices don't always make it to 90 percent though because the store stops getting the product in shortly before it goes clearance, and once it's gone, it's gone.

Sears: Prices ending in 99 are regular, 98 is no coupons or sales, 88 is closeout, 97 is clearanced/discontinued, 93 is refurb/open-box. A letter, followed by a number indicated what the original price of the item was. A=10, B=20 and so on. So an item marked A7 would have been 17.99, an item marked C9 would be 39.99.

Circuit City: 98: local price match 97: open box item 96: limited stock item, either oop (out of production) or so new that supplies are not regular yet 95: clearance oop product

Best Buy: Frigidaire items have a code on the tag
0000*****00000. The numbers in between the zeros is the dollar amount they can reduce the item by.

Office Depot: Prices not ending in 0, 9 or 5 are final markdowns.

Gap & Old Navy: prices ending in 7 are the final markdown and will not go down further in price. Usually, unsold items with this code are supposedly sent to closeout stores within a few weeks of the markdown.

Abercrombie & Fitch: anytime an item is $xx.50, it is full price, and anytime it is $xx.ANYTHING ELSE, it is on sale. 99.99%, the item on sale will end in $xx.90, but sometimes we do $xx.89 just to confuse people.

JC Penny: If the price ends in a 7; that's the lowest price the item will be sold at. Gift receipt code: letters correspond to the numbers on a computer keyboard. Q=1, W=2, E=3, R=4 etc. If the gift code ends in the letter U (correspods to 7) you know the person bought your gift on clearance.

Lowes: there's a number underneath the bar code before a decimal
point. That number is the commission amount the sales person makes on the item (called the "spiff").

Ace Hardware: uses letters to tell the employees what the cost of a product was. VICKSBURG:
V=1, I=2, C=3, K=4, S=5, B=6, U=7, R=8, G=9
So a toaster with a price of $12.99 might have a code under that listing BCS or $6.35 for a cost.

"Do It Best" stores and HWI stores: BLACKHORSE letters spell out how much the store paid for the item (B=0, L=1, A=2, C=3)

Home Depot: Prices that are green tagged always end in 6. That way
all the employees know for sure that it is a clearance item and if it
does not sell within X amount of days, it is thrown in the dumpster!

Sam's Club: prices ending in 91 means that item is clearanced. (Ex: $12.91).

Osco: price code word CHARLESTON... (C=1, H=2, A=3 etc) that's how much Osco paid for the item

If you purchase any lawn and garden product made by John Deere you can ake the retail price x75%, that will give you the JD dealers cost.